Feeling stuck on what to post on social media?

stuck on what to post on social media

Ever find yourself getting stuck on what to post on social media? ⁠

It’s really common. ⁠

A way to help deal with this is to map out a strategy that aligns with the buyer’s journey.⁠

Why? ⁠

Because it puts you in the mindset of your customers. ⁠

Why do that? ⁠

Because it makes it clear what the different stages of thinking are before someone buys your product. ⁠

Why is that helpful? ⁠

Because then you can tailor your content and social media posts based on different needs of different customers instead of making random posts and hoping something works. ⁠

Why does that help? ⁠

Because then you have a process and a plan. Even if you don’t have a post written out, you’ll still be able to go back to the foundation you set up and work your way to a solution by following the plan. ⁠

Why is that helpful? ⁠

Because instead of getting stuck or overwhelmed, you’ll be able to post something that adds value. ✌️ ⁠

I’m not selling anything, will this still work for me?

Yes. The same principles apply when you’re using social media to build your personal brand instead of a business account.

Okay, I’ll bite. What’s the buyer’s journey?

It’s a term used to describe the process your clients and customers go through before choosing your business (or product) as their solution. When you know how your customers think, you’ll understand how to reach them effectively.⁠

It’s a powerful asset to have in your marketing pocket. Essentially, it’s what sets you apart from the wannabees and puts you in with the heavyweights. 💪⁠

It goes by a few different names:

  • Customer journey
  • User journey
  • Customer lifecycle

It doesn’t matter what you call it, if you can get behind this idea, I promise your social media channels and marketing campaigns will see stronger results. That means more people will see what you’re promoting, but they’ll also be more likely to engage, share, and spread the word.

When you’re first building your business, you’ve likely got eight different jobs to do all at once and wasting time worrying about your next post just isn’t what you need.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

The thing is, if you’re using social media as a way to promote yourself or your work, it’s not enough just to understand the platforms alone. ⁠

You have to have some fundamental understanding of marketing, brand, creative, and how to pull them all together. ⁠

Understand the foundation

People often get really frustrated because when they invest a lot of time and money on social media it doesn’t always lead to more business. They hire people to help them build their visual brand identity or they spend a lot of money on ads promoting their company. It’s great if it takes off, but it’s the pits if it fails.

If you go in skeptical and it fails, this reassures the cynical side of you that you always knew it would never work anyway.

Or, if it works and it can’t be repeated, then you’re back to square one when you go to promote yourself again.

When it works for a little while and then tapers off, then you’re still sorta stuck at the end of the cycle.

Without understand the foundation, you’ll never be able to build momentum.

Know the cohesive strategy

You need to have a strategy in place before you launch.

New tools, new tactics, and new creative won’t save you from this.

A marketing strategy can (and should) lead the direction of all your marketing efforts. This includes writing copy, building web pages, designing logos, and more.

The exciting part is that today we have the opportunity to get in front of people way before they’re ready to buy anything. In order to leverage this opportunity, you need to make sure you’re hitting your audience with information that relevant to them.

Your product updates or store hours might not be important to people interested in your business. Cute pictures of office pets are heartwarming, but that’s not what’s going to make me reply to your email.

Think big picture. ⁠

If you have knowledge or insight you can share that will help your potential customers with a problem, then you’re providing information they value.

This is what they’re hoping to see when they scroll through your social media accounts.

Deciding what to post on social media

Here are three questions to ask when creating your business strategy for social media:

  • Do people know what to call the challenge that they have before they purchase from you?
  • Are they still considering different solutions?
  • Are they ready to make a purchase?

Once you have a rough idea of how to answer each of these, then it becomes much easier thinking of what to post on social media. 😉

By Christine

Hi, I'm Christine. I'm a public speaker & marketing professional with a specialization in digital strategy. I live and breathe all things content & marketing. In my previous positions, I've done everything from rebranding companies, launching new SaaS products, writing sales copy, and developing long-term SEO & social strategies. I believe that quality communication and measurable results are the key to every digital marketing strategy.