How to develop brand strategy?

How to develop your brand strategy

When creating a brand strategy you need to answer questions about your business and its place in the market. ⁠⠀
There are three basic things you need to understand your brand: ⁠⠀
1️⃣ Technical benefits ⁠⠀
2️⃣ Functional benefits ⁠⠀
3️⃣ Emotional benefits ⁠⠀
You’re trying to understand why a customer would choose you over your competitor. The “why” is your differentiator. ⁠⠀
So, how do you find your ‘why’ ❓⁠⠀
✔️ Research your customers; ⁠⠀
✔️ Think about what benefits you offer; ⁠⠀
✔️ Craft a simple tagline and message;⁠⠀
✔️ Make sure your business lives and breathes your brand. ⁠⠀
Where to start? ⁠⠀
Once, you understand who you’re customer is, spend some real-time thinking about how you’re different and what you bring to the table. People often skip this step because they’re wrapped up with other parts of their business.⁠⠀
MAKE. ⁠⠀
THE. ⁠⠀
TIME. ⁠⠀
Don’t think that this is something you’ll get to later. It’ll only cost you. ⁠🤑

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By Christine

Hi, I'm Christine. I'm a public speaker & marketing professional with a specialization in digital strategy. I live and breathe all things content & marketing. In my previous positions, I've done everything from rebranding companies, launching new SaaS products, writing sales copy, and developing long-term SEO & social strategies. I believe that quality communication and measurable results are the key to every digital marketing strategy.

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