What’s the difference between your personal brand & reputation?

What’s the difference between your personal brand and reputation? …I mean, is there one? The past few months have shown us that everyone in marketing needs a crisis management plan. And, in the first week of 2021, marketing teams were already putting them to use. Once again, political unrest is gaining momentum and we are… Continue reading What’s the difference between your personal brand & reputation?

Who are you selling to?

To make effective marketing material you need to understand your customer’s pain points. ⁣A lot of marketing textbooks talk about this, but very few actually give contextual examples of how doing this will impact your business (and help generate more revenue).

What is brand momentum?

a guide on how to build your brand momentum

The main reason a company invests in its brand is to help customers navigate through the sales journey by building  trust. Brand momentum refers to the quality of a brand’s market position and its ability to consistently beat competitors. The trickiest part of measuring brand momentum is that it’s based on the subjective reactions of your customers.

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Post-COVID Marketing

The solutions we need to make sure our businesses continue to thrive aren’t clear cut and it will feel overwhelming trying to make the right move. You can’t make flashy marketing campaigns like before, but you still need to make a move.

The Buyer’s Journey

what is the buyer's journey?

The buyer’s journey is what your customers go through before choosing to buy from you. When you know how your customers think, you’ll understand how to reach them.⁠

It’s a powerful asset that will set you apart from the wannabees and puts you in with the heavyweights.

How to find your brand voice

Your brand voice is how you’re going to convey your brand personality online. It helps to shape the way your customers feel and what they remember about your company. As things continue to shift and grow in different directions, it’s becoming clear that online marketing channels have gone from nice to have to need to… Continue reading How to find your brand voice

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Feeling stuck on what to post on social media?

Feeling overwhelmed when it’s time to post something on the social accounts for your business profile? It’s common (and it sucks). However, there’s a few strategies you can use to ensure you’ll be able to write something out that adds value.