Post-COVID Marketing

The solutions we need to make sure our businesses continue to thrive aren’t clear cut and it will feel overwhelming trying to make the right move. You can’t make flashy marketing campaigns like before, but you still need to make a move.

The Buyer’s Journey

what is the buyer's journey?

The buyer’s journey is what your customers go through before choosing to buy from you. When you know how your customers think, you’ll understand how to reach them.⁠

It’s a powerful asset that will set you apart from the wannabees and puts you in with the heavyweights.

How to find your brand voice

Your brand voice is how you’re going to convey your brand personality online. It helps to shape the way your customers feel and what they remember about your company. As things continue to shift and grow in different directions, it’s becoming clear that online marketing channels have gone from nice to have to need to… Continue reading How to find your brand voice

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Feeling stuck on what to post on social media?

Feeling overwhelmed when it’s time to post something on the social accounts for your business profile? It’s common (and it sucks). However, there’s a few strategies you can use to ensure you’ll be able to write something out that adds value.

Should my business be on Facebook?

Write out your goals, take a peek at what competitors are doing, analyze your customers, and spec out what it would take to implement a thorough strategy. ⁠Essentially you want to lay the foundation before pouring the concrete. ⁠If this sounds like too much already, then maybe this isn’t the right path to take at the moment.

What is a brand breakup?

While it sounds a bit dramatic, a brand breakup is what happens when a brand does something that upsets a customer so much that they vow to never purchase from them again.

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The way we communicate has changed.

At home, we can’t talk to our neighbours and thank them for their work to keep essential services open. Instead, we leave messages of hope posted in the windows to show them we’re grateful and thinking of them.

How to build brand equity?

Brand equity is a framework for understanding the power of consumer’s emotions in relation to your positioning. Said differently, how do customers feel about you and what is that worth? Do they tell their friends to book an appointment with you ASAP or to avoid you like the plague?

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