Post-COVID Marketing


People are now making plans to reopen and deciding how they’re going to tell customers about it. Making post-COVID marketing plans feels like being asked to put runners on for a marathon and I don’t know where my shoes are. There’s a lot to do, but it’s hard to get moving again.

How do we move forward now? ⠀

Some of the post-COVID marketing tactics have changed, but most of the strategies have stayed the same. The way we communicate has changed, but what we need to say isn’t all that different.

What does that mean?

Although businesses are suffering from COVID19 and you should still be pushing forward with marketing (and selling). The tone of your message should shift a little bit to recognize what’s going on with your customers, but overall, things should still be moving forward.

What you say and how you say it will be different; a lot of other marketing stuff will stay the same.

How should your marketing strategy change?

You don’t have face-to-face interactions, so your post-COVID marketing plan needs to include a heavier focus on using digital channels. I’d consider posting more on social media and in more places online. There are new communities taking shape and they could be the substitute you were looking for. ⠀

Not up for making more posts? Me neither. 😅

One solution is to consider partnering up brands you align with and cross-promoting each other. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to stay in front of people and by working with other groups you can expand your reach (while doing less work).

Here’s a question that’s come up in marketing recently:

Do people want to hear from me right now? Won’t we sound out of touch or even off-putting.” 😳

It’s a tricky line to walk. The uncomfortable answer is that forward is the only direction to be looking at right now.

Marketing/Sales teams are a bit lost

The underlying question seems to be:

How do we move forward when we’re not sure where we’re going?

When in doubt, look to data for guidance. Back in March, Kantar surveyed 25,000 people to find out a bit more about people’s attitudes and expectations.

Here’s what they learned:

Just 8% of consumers expect brands to cut advertising, so there’s little risk of it being read as insensitive.

Said differently, people still expect to hear from brands.

The approach might need to look a little different, but yes, people want to hear from you.

What are the next steps?

This is the question is being asked over and over in many iterations.

It doesn’t always feel like we’re heading the right way, does it? ⁠⠀
When I first started out I was eager to take on any opportunity that came my way. After a lot of learning (mostly trial and error), I learned that chasing every opportunity was a terrible strategy overall. ⁠⠀


Because when you’re chasing after every shiny thing, you often overlook the basics of what you should be doing.

How does this apply to your post-COVID marketing plan?

If you chase after everything, you’ll end up with nothing. I’m seeing a lot of businesses struggle to move forward because they’re worried they’ll make the wrong move or that they’ll miss something. ⁠⠀
Indecision isn’t an option. ⁠⠀
A scattershot approach isn’t recommended. ⁠⠀

What should you do instead? ⁠⠀

Don’t just make stuff up on the fly.

You need to take a few minutes to frame out a strategy before pivoting in different directions. When you don’t know how to ask the right questions and approach things with a clear business perspective, you’re at a disadvantage.

Start learning how to do that now. ⁠⠀⠀

Strategy > Tactics ⁠

Solutions aren’t clear, and you need to be okay with that

The solutions we need to make sure our businesses continue to thrive aren’t clear cut and it will feel overwhelming trying to make the right move. You can’t make flashy marketing campaigns like before, but you still need to make a move.

How you choose to do this will impact your ability to grow in the future.

We’ve had some time to regroup. Time to get going before it’s too late.

By Christine

Hi, I'm Christine. I'm a public speaker & marketing professional with a specialization in digital strategy. I live and breathe all things content & marketing. In my previous positions, I've done everything from rebranding companies, launching new SaaS products, writing sales copy, and developing long-term SEO & social strategies. I believe that quality communication and measurable results are the key to every digital marketing strategy.