The way we communicate has changed.

the way we communicate has changed

At home, we can’t talk to our neighbours and thank them for their work to keep essential services open. Instead, we leave messages of hope posted in the windows to show them we’re grateful and thinking of them. The way we communicate has changed.

It’s a shift in perspective and an adaptive way to deliver a message.

It’s been a heavy couple of weeks for many people around the globe. I know six people who’ve lost their jobs within the first three days of the COVID-19 pandemic (the Canadian edition).

Today, the world 🌎 is a very different place than it was two weeks ago. It feels uncertain and heavy.

What does that mean for businesses?

This might be a bit uncomfortable to think about right now, but those that are able to adapt and grow are the ones that will succeed. If you can position yourself well and push yourself to keep going, now is the time to do it. It’s time to build your brand, find your voice, and grow your business.

It’s time to step up: ⠀

✅ Provide free services.⠀
✅ Take that complimentary call. ⠀
✅ Go above and beyond. ⠀
What are the risks if you don’t make this happen?

If you choose to say nothing and sit still, you’re risking a lot more than you might realize. It might not feel that way right now, but I can promise you that the businesses & people who are being quiet are risking their personal reputations and brands. ⠀

Huh …🤔 It’s a lot to think about during a very noisy time.

What assets can you use right now to help eliminate this risk? ⠀

1️⃣ Email;⠀
2️⃣ Social media;⠀
3️⃣ Your phone;
3️⃣ Your website. ⠀

These are all free channels that you can use TODAY to connect with your friends, contacts, & customers. They might not be ready to buy anything today or next week. But, when we get to the end of this, you will want to be the person they call. ⠀

Not sure what to say? ⠀

Talk about what you know, share your experience, wrap it in your own voice. Offer to help.

Corona is serious, but panic is optional. This is not the moment to shut down. If you need a couple of days to recoup, by all means, please give yourself some space for this. But, don’t lose sight of your future because you’re feeling scared.

Companies are scared. Customers are too.⁠⠀

The thing is, no one in their life has ever made a good decision based on fear.⠀

Here’s what you can do instead: ⠀

✔️ Stay informed;⠀
✔️ Stay connected;⠀
✔️ Stay strong;⠀
✔️ Stay home. ⠀

Are you settled in and doing that already?

Good, but that’s only the first part. In the last few weeks, I’ve seen companies earn lifetime fans and others lose customers for life.⁠ The ones that are coming out ahead are the ones leading with strength and compassion. Even if you haven’t started a business yet, this could still be your path.

Here’s what else you can start doing to help make that a reality:

☑️ Call your friends; ⠀
☑️ Support their businesses; ⠀
☑️ Don’t forget to hustle. 
I’ve personally seen friends take pay cuts to keep their staff and their business alive. I’ve seen senior partners ignore contract clauses to ensure their junior associates can continue getting paid (to feed their newborn babies). ⁠We’re all going to have stories like this. ⠀

Break your rules if needed.⁠ ⠀
There will be lots of tough decisions ahead. The best way to keep things moving forward is together. 💪⁠

By Christine

Hi, I'm Christine. I'm a public speaker & marketing professional with a specialization in digital strategy. I live and breathe all things content & marketing. In my previous positions, I've done everything from rebranding companies, launching new SaaS products, writing sales copy, and developing long-term SEO & social strategies. I believe that quality communication and measurable results are the key to every digital marketing strategy.